Tain Rifle and Pistol Club

31st March 2024


We had our "First Clay Shoot" that was Open to Members and NON Members, over 30 People attended,and gave us there Support, also the weather was very Kind to us, I will Try and take more Photos next time !!!

We have to do some "Tree and Bush" Clearing before we have another Shoot,...they broke more Clays than anybody !!!!


3rd & 4th June 2023


A BIG BIG Thanks to all who attended to help out with Various cutting tools, Strimmers, shovels, chainsaws on a very Hot Weekend, to do much needed Maintenance on the outside of our Range.

Both the Clay Area and 50mete have been Cleared of "Obstructions". We now have a Dedicated section for both the 25 and 50m Point, and all Safety areas which where Obstructed have now been cleared.

Big Thanks to Non Member Chris for his help with the Mini Digger, made Laying New Sand and moving Bushes a lot easier


Club News April 2023


 Much needed Work Has been Done to the 25 meter Range Point which fell down through "Age" and "Total Neglect ", see before and After Photos , As always a Big Thanks to the FEW who always help out, Especially to our Resident "Lumber Jack"  for his Tree Cutting Skills..I get Dizzy just Watching Him !!! 

Please Note 

When you shoot at the 50 meters Backstop, Please remember to "Drop" the Rope at the 25 metre Point by unhooking the Plastic Hook, Backing Boards at the 25 meter Point are NOW Secured from the rear of the Cross Rail.


February Club Shoot 2023


A Good Turn out By Club Members, and a Nice Day was enjoyed by all, we Gave our Members a Challenging 3 Trap Clay shoot which was organised by Jory & Kirsty, and a "Basic" Fun Practical Shot gun Shoot which was very well attended, Organised and Run by our Secretary...who managed to lose most of the Pictures on the Day !!!!

 Club News May 2022


This month we welcome a group of New Probationary Members - see photo above (click to enlarge). No matter what age or Gender you are we Like to think we offer something for everybody's Taste.

We are Clearing a Large space beside the indoor range, to make way for another area that we can shoot Clays from. Initial photos shown above.

Club News April 2022

The Tain Rifle & Pistol Club Has gone Through a Complete Change of Administration, there is NOW a Complete ALL New Committee in Place

Yes, We will be still doing all the Same Disciplines as Before, .22 lightweight Precision, Full Bore Gallery Rifle, B/powder and Club Prone .22 Rifle and Air Weapons

We are going to expand on that and introduce more variations on the above themes, and hopefully by the end of May 2022 we will be starting “Club Clays” ..including.. “Sport Trap”. .”Compact Shooting” as well as “Down the Line”, also we will be introducing .22 Practical Shooting…( more on this later !!)

All this takes time to set up, and in the meantime we need Volunteers to help us Maintain the Buildings, paint the Front Door, Fix and Clean the Gutters, cut the Grass.. etc etc..So as with any Club we Need you to help…Contact Jim Gillan Club Secretary

On top off all this, we are in the Finalising Period of BUYING the Land from the Forestry, so we will Soon be OWNING our Gun Club

SO as they Say Watch this Space; There a lot going on !!!

Remember this is YOUR Club, You can make that difference that will make it successful

Lastly, we are now able to attract New membership

Produced by Neil-R